Performance at The Limit

IF the average ball speed in football games usually ranges from 10-30 MPH in 90% of the match, but during the remaining 10% of attacks, players must perform at maximum speed and accuracy, dealing with incoming ball speeds of up to 80 MPH...

then a high-speed-profile becomes
a mission-critical for a 9/10 performance.

How fast do you think you can be?

  • To attain a peak performance level of 9/10 while operating at high speeds, players need an interconnected set of 12 skills known as the "High-Speed-Profile".
  • Prior to their inclusion into the High-Speed-Profile, some of the 12 skills were considered "Hidden Skills" due to their inability to be assessed on the field.
  • The adoption of a Certified Measurable Program will empower clubs to enhance their players' transfer value and performance outcomes.
  • This concept introduces a fun challenge and a simple adaptation to professional players. By allocating only 5 minutes a day, players can achieve unprecedented outcomes in a short period and conquer the segregation of a weak-leg at high speeds.
  • With a High-Speed-Profile Program, you can simulate real-time data and see real-time results at high speeds while striving to reach a 9/10 Performance Level.
  • Performance FACTS: Amateur players usually perform at a level equivalent to trying to find the TV remote without getting off the couch – around 3/10 or 4/10. Skilled PRO players are the equivalent of smoothly assembling IKEA furniture – averaging about 6/10 or 7/10. As for legends, well, they're the rare individuals who can open a bag of chips without making any noise – a solid 9/10 and, on a good day, a stealthy 10/10

Ts + HSP = nexgen players

Technical Skills + High Speed Profile = NexGEN Players

/what are the results of adopting a high-speed-profile program?

/a high-speed-profile is crucial for football players To attain a peak performance level of 9/10.

"A swift solution for defenders, midfielders, and forward players: In addition, the interconnectivity of all 12 skills required for a high-speed-profile enables players to improve their comprehensive and rapid vision of the game. When complemented with field experience, players can swiftly 'read the game' and make instant positive and accurate decisions."

Without a high-speed-profile, players can only see isolated snapshots of what's happening in the game, leading to a loss of momentum.

/A measurable certified program

/our vision.

to become the worldwide leader consulting provider of high-speed-profile solutions for the football market.


to provide football clubs and professional players with the essential Mission-Critical tools to reach their maximum high-speed-profile.


  1. The dimensions of the high-speed-profile training are its intensity, its duration and its frequency.
  2. Train your ball reaction times, reflexes & stamina like never before.

./Why Next3MAX?

  1. 10 years of experience measuring high-speed-profile skills
  2. Manufacturer of high speed training devices and ball reaction programs
  3. NexGEN smooth path to reach the ability to “Read The Game”.

WE are a football high speed performance consulting firm for the new milliseconds reaction time era.