Performance at The Limit

IF the ball's average speed in football games is usually moderate, ranging from 10-30 MPH in 90% of the game, but during the remaining 10% of attacks, players must perform at maximum speed and accuracy, with incoming ball speeds of up to 80 MPH...

then a high-speed-profile becomes
a mission-critical for a 9/10 performance.

How fast do you think you can be?

  • To achieve a peak performance level of 9/10 while operating at high speeds, players require an interconnected set of 12 skills known as the "High-Speed-Profile".
  • Prior to their inclusion into the High-Speed-Profile, some of the 12 skills were considered "Hidden Skills" due to their inability to be assessed on the field.
  • The adoption of a Certified Measurable Program will empower clubs to enhance their players' transfer value and performance outcomes.
  • This concept introduces a fun challenge and a simple adaptation to professional players. By allocating only 5 minutes a day, players can achieve unprecedented outcomes in a short period and conquer the segregation of a weak-leg at high speeds.
  • With a High-Speed-Profile Program, you can simulate real-time data and see real-time results at high speeds for the 9/10 Performance Player.

/what are the results of adopting a high-speed-profile program?

/a high-speed-profile is crucial for football players to kick accurately at high speeds.

For defenders, midfielders, and forward players: -> In addition the interconnectivity of all 12 skills required for a high-speed-profile allows players to develop a fast whole vision of the game. When complemented with the field experience, players can quickly "read the game" and make instant positive decisions with accuracy.

Without a high-speed-profile, players can only see isolated snapshots of what's happening in the game, leading to a loss of momentum.

/A measurable certified program

/our vision.

to become the worldwide leader consulting provider of high-speed-profile solutions for the football market.


to provide football clubs and professional players with the essential Mission-Critical tools to reach their maximum high-speed-profile.


  1. The dimensions of the high-speed-profile training are its intensity, its duration and its frequency.
  2. Train your ball reaction times, reflexes & stamina like never before.

./Why Next3MAX?

  1. 10 years of experience measuring high-speed-profile skills
  2. Manufacturer of high speed training devices and ball reaction programs
  3. NexGEN smooth path to reach the ability to “Read The Game”.

WE are a football high speed performance consulting firm for the new milliseconds reaction time era.